Ahmad Mansour gives lectures on these topics (selection):

  • Straight talk about integration – against scaremongering and false tolerance
  • Why are radical ideologies so attractive to young people – and what can civil society do about it?
  • Radicalization and Islam – how do they go together?
  • Concepts for security and early detection of terrorist tendencies
  • Is there a European Islam? And if so, what should it look like?
  • Reforms for a responsible Islam: illusion or feasible?
  • Patriarchal structures and authoritarian upbringing methods in families with a migration background – how can they be broken up?
  • Violence in the name of honor?
  • Which strategies help against Muslim anti-Semitism?
  • Education as an effective tool against extremism?
  • What to do about youth and clan crime?
  • The Middle East conflict and its “export” to Germany
  • Violence among adolescents: cause and options for action
  • Why conspiracy myths can’t be killed

Contact for lectures

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